Lessons from a story-telling master, Bill Plympton

Bill Plympton is one of my favorite animated story tellers. To be successful at marketing with a book, you need to develop your craft as a story teller.

Bill Plympton, a legendary Oscar ®-nominated director, is an animation artist I admire. He is a professional writer and artist who is an expert at marketing himself. He asked me to help promote his new film and I am happy to do it. I have seen a preview of “Idiots and Angels” and was also treated to his short film, “The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger.”   Both are amazing examples of story telling, a skill professionals and consultants need to constantly develop.

If you are in the New York City area, Plympton, , has an exclusive engagement opening on Wednesday, October 6th, of his Terry Gilliam-sponsored Animated Feature Film:”Idiots and Angels” (run time 78 mins.) a black comedy about a man’s battle with his wings and his soul, at the IFC Center323 Sixth Avenue at West 3rd Street, NYC preceded by Plympton’s new, multi-award winning animated short film: “The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger”, which won the Grand Prize for animation at the Florida Film Festival. I got to see this bovine comic opera and it is a scream. You can come and meet Bill Plympton, who is very approachable, when he makes personal appearances at the last screening of the day on Wednesday, October 6th and Thursday, October 7th, followed by a Q & A. Bill will be signing postcards at this event and there will be a quiz and signed poster and DVD prizes. Tickets: $13 general admission.$9 seniors (62+) and children (under 12). $8 for IFC Center members. $10 for discounted group tickets(Group Tickets by arrangement email: pbscreenings@gmail.com.) The IFC Center is located at:323 Sixth Avenue at West 3rd Street, NYC Box office #: 212 924 7771. http://www.ifccenter.com. For more information, please visit:http://www.plymptoons.com/news/appearances.html

For a good laugh when you need it, may I also recommend his series of dog films (perfect if you are a dog owner like me) or “Santa: The Facist Years.”  Bill was one of the professionals I have interviewed on how to obtain clients and he really stressed having multiple streams of income as a strategy. If you get a chance to meet him you will find him very approachable.

Another Plympton classic is "Santa: The Facist Years."

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