Finding clients and The Science of Getting Rich

Nancy Juetten is the author of the Bye Bye Boring Bio Action Guide. We had a good chat about the classic authors and the name Wallace Wattles was one she had not heard of. Have you?

Just got back from a trip to Seattle. One of my best students of my entire career, Nancy Juetten, and I had a wonderful dinner comparing notes about how to fnd new clients. Nancy is an author who has doubled her income by helping people turn their boring bios into amazing promotional tools (

Nancy and I talked about many of the best-selling works of the classic success authors such as Napoleon Hill, Clement Stone, Dale Carnegie, Og Mandino, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, and today’s leading success authors such as Stephen R.Covey, Anthony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne and Brian Tracy.

 But if you want to go to the source, I told Nancy, read a book that inspired all of these authors titled The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. Byrne told a Newsweek interviewer that her inspiration for creating the 2006 hit film The Secret and the subsequent book by the same name, was her exposure to Wattles’s The Science of Getting Rich. Byrne’s daughter, Hayley, had given her mother a copy of the Wattles book to help her recover from a breakdown.

You can easily find the book for free with a simple Google search.

 To attract clients, Wattles taught that we need to convey the impression of advancement with everything we do. In addition, communicate that we advance all who deal with us. “No matter how small the transaction, put into it the thought of increase, and make sure the customer is impressed with the thought,” wrote Wattles.

Create the impression of increase if you want to attract others to you. According to Wattles, increase is what all men and women are seeking. His advice was that you should feel that you are getting rich, and that in doing so you are making others, like your clients, rich and conferring benefits on all who deal with you.

So when potential clients ask you what you do, please do give them a list of services and capabilities. Instead, use the language of increase to describe your marketing services. You can say that you:

  • Improve lead generation
  • Help clients maximize revenues
  • Increase lead conversion rates
  • Improve marketing productivity
  • Reduce wasted marketing
  • Enable clients to maximize prices
  • Help marketing departments exceed goals


Add this language to your conversation, your Web sites and your proposals. This is what clients want. There are fortunes to be made by giving clients what they want. Back these statements up with testimonials that document the increase with numbers, percentages and time factors and you are way ahead of the competition. Here are some real (but not real names) examples:

“In one year all of the approximately 70 employees we have hired have gone through XYZ personality profile testing and candidate screening. This improved hiring process, combined with the improvements in our sales management leadership, has helped our company increase productivity per sales person a total of 21% in the last two years. In addition, while the national average for sales person turnover in our industry is 40%, we’ve been able to cut that in half with the help of this sales force testing and screening.”

John Smith

President, ABC Company

“AAA agency has been working strategically with 123 Company partners for over a year now and they’re an integral part of our partner program. We saw great success with partners in the program last year in terms of their retention rate of their new hires. The average retention rate of new employees brought on as part of that program was 70%, compared to the typical rate of 20%. Overall, the performance of the program more than doubled our first year expectations. We believe that this is due, in large part, to the work done by your firm, including the use of your profiling method and their active participation in the recruiting and hiring of the new sales people.”

Maria Gomez
Director of Sales and Marketing
123 Company

“During the past 18 months our work with AAA Agency to train new sales people has helped us double year-over-year revenue growth and employee satisfaction. AAA Agency helps us understand if the candidate is right for us and then how to best to manage each employee to make them more productive.”

Kent Clark

President, Big Company

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