Agenda for May 15-16 Summit in Minneapolis

Marketing With A Book™ Summit

May 15-16, 2011

Holiday Inn Mall of America

Minneapolis, Minnesota

O V E R V I E W   A G E N D A


Sunday May 15, 2011

2 to 2:45 pm — Registration and networking

3 to 3:30 pm – Welcome and “The Science of Storytelling” by Henry DeVries

3:30 to 5 pm – “Book Building Blueprint” by Henry DeVries  

5:15 to 6:15 pm – “Sharing your 25 and 100 Word Bios” group activity with feedback

6:15 to 6:45 pm – Happy half hour, no host bar

6:45 to 7:30 pm – Hosted networking dinner

7:30 to 9 pm – Interactive session on how to build a better brand and bio

Monday May 16, 2011

8 to 9 am – Hosted networking continental breakfast

9 to 10:30 am –  “Growing Your Business with Books” by Mark LeBlanc

10:40 to Noon – Topic testing interactive session with panel (Mark, Dan, Henry)

Noon to 12:45 pm – Hosted networking lunch

12:45 to 1:45 pm – “Advance Publicity Tactics” with Dan Janal

2 to 3 pm “The Lazy Man’s Way to Social Media Success” and Close by Henry DeVries

3 to 4:45 pm – Bonus networking session

Who should attend: You’ll benefit the most by attending this program if you are a…

  • Management consultant
  • Professional service firm
  • Executive coach
  • Professional speaker
  • PR person responsible for consultant and professional service firm marketing

Spots Are Limited

We are only selling 27 seats to this conference and 10 were already taken before we could even launch the Web site. We want this to be a small group so there can be interaction, feedback and a chance for one-on-one time with the presenters. After all spots are sold we will be putting interested people on a waiting list.

D E T A I L E D   A G E N D A

Day 1, Sunday, May 15

2 to 2:45 pm — Registration and networking

3 to 4:00 pm – Welcome and “The Science of Storytelling” by Henry DeVries

“The Science of Storytelling: How to Attract High-Paying Clients by Talking and Typing.”

Being educational is great, but being persuasive is better. At the conference you will learn strategies and tactics for promoting your business with writing and speaking, including:

  • Why you must never write a book without built-in marketing
  • Picking topics and titles that attract audiences like magnets
  • Tips and tools for getting a marketing ROI of 400% to 2000%
  • How to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects in 30 days
  • Presentation elements that pre-sell prospects
  • How to be a perfect audience bloodhound
  • Special strategies for professionals, consultants and coaches
  • Seven deadly sins of publishing and speaking and how not to fall prey
  • The easiest way to get in front of potential customers
  • When to speak for free and when to speak for a fee
  • Ideas that don’t cost you a penny yet really get attention
  • How to stand out from other authors and speakers
  • Creative testimonials in books and speeches that build credibility
  • Three ways to turn customer pain into marketing gain
  • The quickest sure-fire way to alienate your audience (don’t make this mistake, many of us learned the hard way)
  • How to offer freebies that build your list of business leads
  • Ways to stay in touch with prospects so you stay on their radar screens
  • Books and speeches that create thousands of dollars in publicity

Henry DeVries

Henry DeVries is the marketing with a book expert. Along with his best-selling books — Self-Marketing Secrets, Client Seduction and Pain Killer Marketing — the buzz building tools of Henry DeVries have been used to dramatically increase marketing results and leverage budgets for more than a decade. In addition to his own writing, he has helped dozens of clients become authors through mentoring or by ghost writing the books for them.

Henry speaks to thousands of executives each year, teaching them new ways to maximize revenues and increase lead generation results through marketing with a book. Henry is also the Career and Workplace Editor for the San Diego News Network and the founder of the New Client Marketing Institute, a research and training firm that focuses on the latest trends in lead generation.

In the past two years he as helped the continuing education arm of UC San Diego grow enrollments in certificate programs by 50%. He is responsible for public relations for 4,600 classes that annually attract 54,000 enrollees and revenue of $35 million. Formerly president of an Ad Age 500 advertising and public relations agency, he teaches public relations and is assistant dean for external affairs at UC San Diego Extension.

4:10 to 5:15 pm –   “Book Building Blueprint” by Henry DeVries 

Henry DeVries will explain how understanding a publisher’s challenges can give you more realistic expectations. Some of what he will cover includes:

  • How to beat the odds (For every 10 books a publisher releases, one will be a blockbuster, two will make some money, two will break even, and five will lose money)
  • How to sell a publisher (Publishers invest $50,000-$100,000 for each book they publish. They go through development and comprehensive editorial, copy editing, and proofing editing)
  • Why you may want a Print On Demand publisher like in your corner
  • How to find the right publisher (Learn what type of books the publisher works with)
  • How to sell yourself (How to submit a good author profile. Publishers like to take on authors that can do media tours or speak on the radio)
  • Why the real money is in speaking, not publishing (but you still need a book)
  • Why publishers like to work with packagers (they know how the business works and filter out many people. They make publisher’s job easier)

5:15 to 6:00 pm – special guest speaker

6:00 to 6:30 pm – Happy half hour, no host bar

6:30 to 7:00 pm – Hosted networking dinner

7:00 to 8:30 pm –  “Sharing your 25 and 100 Word Bios” group activity with feedback 

Day 2, Monday, May 16

8 to 9 am – Hosted networking continental breakfast

9 to 10:30 am –  “Growing Your Business with Books” by Mark LeBlanc

“Growing Your Business With Books: The Secrets of Getting Visible and Booking Yourself Solid”

Mark zeros in on four key areas of focus:

  • Direction
  • Identity
  • Marketing
  • Benchmarking

To be a successful author and speaker, Mark wants to make sure you are positioned properly and heading in the right direction. His strategies on creating an identity in the marketplace can have immediate impact on success. From a marketing perspective, he’ll share what it takes to get your telephone to ring, and develop repeat business. Everyone knows what it feels like to be focused, but maintaining that focus and momentum is often short-lived. He helps you set up a system (the G.R.O.W. system) for creating a laser-like focus on a daily basis, and prevent you from going off on tangents, disguised as opportunities.

Mark LeBlanc

Mark LeBlanc is a member of Master Speakers International, a seasoned-veteran with the National Speakers Association, and currently serves as Past President of the National Speakers Association. He served this association as President in 2007-2008. He was inducted into the Minnesota Speakers Association Hall of Fame in 2006. His style is best described as magnetic, approachable, and laced with a unique sense of humor.

He is President of Small Business Success, based in Minneapolis, MN has special expertise on the core issues that business owners and professionals face on a daily basis. His flagship presentation and book, Growing Your Business! are ideal on addressing how to sell more products and services. People walk away feeling more focused, able to attract more prospects, stimulate more referrals, and ultimately, craft a path and a new plan for generating more business.

LeBlanc has been on his own virtually his entire adult life, owned several businesses, and now speaks, writes, and consults on the street-smart strategies for achieving in times of challenge and change. He is uniquely qualified to address audiences of 5 to 50 to 500, and more, and can deliver an inspirational can-do keynote, a content-rich general session, hands-on workshop, and/or a multi-day program.

10:45 to Noon – Topic testing interactive session with panel (Mark, Dan, Henry)

Noon to 12:45 pm – Hosted networking lunch

12:45 to 1:45 pm – “Advanced Publicity Tactics” with Dan Janal

“Advanced Publicity Tactics to Take Your Business to the Next Level”

Using publicity to build your expert image is a necessity if you want to create a lucrative and active speaking business that creates a steady stream of income, customers and leads.

More than 95% of journalists search online for their next story idea. During this session you will learn:

  • How to ensure your Web site, services and book are found on Google
  • How new media and traditional media work together to tell today’s story and create industry-specific experts
  • How to be your own online publicist (learn what tools and online resources PR agencies use and the best ways to contact media to get you noticed again and again)

If you’re not in the media talking about your expertise, you’re at a severe disadvantage because the busiest – and wealthiest – of speakers and authors are using publicity to build their businesses and their brand.

Be prepared to have Dan walk you through strategies and tactics to position yourself as a qualified and credible expert in the media – generating the interviews and articles you need in order to garner more exposure and more speaking engagements.


Dan Janal


USA TODAY called Dan “a true Internet marketing pioneer.” The Los Angeles Times called Dan, “an Internet Marketing expert.”

Dan Janal is Founder and President of PR LEADS PLUS which has helped more than 3,000 small business and entrepreneurs get publicity in major media to boost their sales and their careers. PR LEADS PLUS has also negotiated deep discounts on a variety of name brand publicity tools to help business consultants get publicity, including media lists and press release distribution.

Dan also offers coaching and consulting for business leaders on the topics of business growth using publicity and Internet marketing.

Dan Janal is one of the most respected teachers, visionaries and entrepreneurs in the publicity community. He was on the PR team that launched AOL. He has consulted with IBM, American Express and The Reader’s Digest, among others.  He has written six books for John Wiley & Sons, and has been an in-demand, international speaker for nearly 20 years. Speaking clients include the National Football League, Stanford University and University of California-Berkeley.

He understands publicity as only a former newspaper reporter can. He is an award-winning daily newspaper reporter and business news editor. He has interviewed President Gerald Ford and First Lady Barbara Bush.

Dan lives on a house overlooking a lake in Minnesota with his wife and two cats.

2 to 3 pm “The Lazy Man’s Way to Social Media Success” and Close by Henry DeVries

“The Lazy Man’s Way to Social Media Success: Top Ten Ways To Generate Leads Online”

 Are you looking to fill your pipeline with qualified leads using your Web presence? Would you like to simplify the time spent on updating content, social media profiles, sending emails and generating leads? Did you know there’s an easier way?

This session will discuss the top 10 cost-effective methods to drive more traffic to your website and how to convert these visitors into loyal, revenue-generating customers. Gain an overview of how to leverage content syndication, how to cross-sell and up-sell to your existing database, and how to use customer feedback to inspire trust to build your brand and your business faster and more effectively.

Other topics include social media marketing, better utilizing email marketing, search engine optimization, tapping into your eco-system, and much more!

This talk is about a proven process that can produce a 400% to 2000% marketing return on investment for independent professionals and service businesses. We will cover:

  • The Top 10 ways to generate leads online that you may be missing
  • How not to be a well-kept secret
  • The #1 reason most Web sites wimp out
  • Why blogging is essential and easier than you think
  • Three email strategies that turn cold prospects into warm leads
  • Top tricks to untangle the social media headache
  • The do’s and don’ts of link-building for search engine results
  • Your questions and problems in a interactive session


3 to 4:45 pm – Bonus networking session

Testimonials About “Marketing With Books”

“His marketing knowledge for businesses is exceptional. Henry and his team were instrumental in helping write our first book. Thanks to him and his team this book is in the hands of 10,000 executives so far.”
– Brad Remillard, Impact Hiring Solutions

“Henry’s guidance and expertise was a key reason that my book proposal was accepted by John Wiley & Sons. It resulted in a five-figure advance.”
– Lisa Nirell, Chief Energy Officer,

“As you promised, I’ve had to do work on my part. But it is work that has yielded far greater results than it could have on my own; this is because of all the work you do, your experience and your systems. We saw 5 times ROI within the first 12 months we began working with you, and with your help we were able to double the size of our business in a little over a year.”
– Steve Fabry, President, Master Manuals, Inc.

“Your ideas in the past year on how to promote our services through educational forums like Webinars have been real winners. These events have boosted sales and helped position us as the thought leaders in our industry. The response rate for these online seminars has ranged from 2.1% to 7.5% and our return on investment to date has been more than 2000%. Your ideas on combining proprietary research on customer relationship management with how-to advice from our senior executives has garnered coverage that really boosts our credibility with potential clients.”
– Natacha Hosy, Harte-Hanks

 “As a high performance coach for CEOs, I know high performance when I see it. Thanks to the help of Henry DeVries and the team at the New Client Marketing Institute I was able to add more than $100,000 in additional income in two years.”
– Boaz Rauchwerger, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author

“Indeed an alluring process to attract prospects cost-effectively and rapidly. This is an ideal resource for the entrepreneur beginning any type of professional services firm.”
– Alan Weiss, author of Million-Dollar Consulting

What You Will Learn

The best marketing investment you can make is to get help creating informative Web sites, hosting persuasive seminars, booking speaking engagements, and getting published as a newsletter – columnist and eventually book author.

Rather than creating a brochure, start by writing how-to articles. Those articles turn into speeches and seminars. Eventually, you gather the articles and publish a book through a strategy called print on demand self publishing (we’ve done it under 90 days and for less than a $1,000 for clients). Does it work? Here are a list of business best-seller titles by professionals and consultants that started out self-published (Source: Southwest Airlines Spirit, March 2005):

  • The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson: picked up by William Morrow & Co. and has sold more than 12 million copies
  • In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters (of McKinsey & Co.): in its first year, sold more than 25,000 copies directly to consumers—then Warner sold 10 million more.
  • Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun by Weiss Roberts: sold half a million copies before being picked up by Warner.

Wouldn’t it be better if someone helped you who knows the tricks and shortcuts? We can show you how to leverage your time and get others to do most of the work for you, even if you are a solo practitioner.

Iron-Clad Guarantee
If you are not satisfied by the end of the first day, just ask for a full refund. We will give it to you without any hassles.

How To Register
Please call Henry at 800-514-4467 with questions or email him at

$795per person
$495 early bird discount until April 30, 2011

Register with Paypal here
(You do not need a Paypal account to register)

About Henry DeVries

Best-selling author and “marketing with a book” expert Henry DeVries is an authority on typing and talking: how to maximize revenues by writing books and making speeches. He speaks to thousands of business leaders, professionals, and consultants each year, teaching them successful tactics that shine a spotlight on their company, cause, or career. Along with his best-selling books — Self-Marketing Secrets, Client Seduction, Pain Killer Marketing, and How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett — the buzz-building tools of Henry DeVries have been used to dramatically increase revenues and leverage marketing budgets for two decades. He speaks to thousands of professionals and consultants each year, teaching them scientifically proven tactics that bring them new clients.

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