Why I hate brochures for consultants

Do you feel like a well-kept secret?  You are not alone. When we survey professionals, entrepreneurs and technology service companies about their No. 1 lead generation challenge, two out of three say that not enough potential clients are aware of their firm.  Some think the solution is to produce a beautiful brochure (and for some, not-so-beautiful, but that’s another problem) and send it out to potential clients. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Brochures are a waste of money for consultants. How-to articles are a better investment. Enough articles and you have a book. If you have a book, you have plenty of articles.

Here’s why brochures are a colossal waste of money for professionals and consultants. Think about yourself for a minute. When you have a business decision to make, which would you believe more: a slick brochure or a how-to article written by an expert in a respected trade journal?

 Most brochures violate several of the rules of client seduction.  Brochures assert how great you are, they don’t demonstrate your expertise.  An article is quite the opposite. Trade journal articles provide credible lead generation messages. In fact, a recent research study showed that trade journals are perceived as more credible sources of information than even the traditional business press of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week and the like. The best brochure you could ever produce is the how-to article you write that a prospective client tears out of the publication to save as reference.

About Henry DeVries

Best-selling author and “marketing with a book” expert Henry DeVries is an authority on typing and talking: how to maximize revenues by writing books and making speeches. He speaks to thousands of business leaders, professionals, and consultants each year, teaching them successful tactics that shine a spotlight on their company, cause, or career. Along with his best-selling books — Self-Marketing Secrets, Client Seduction, Pain Killer Marketing, and How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett — the buzz-building tools of Henry DeVries have been used to dramatically increase revenues and leverage marketing budgets for two decades. He speaks to thousands of professionals and consultants each year, teaching them scientifically proven tactics that bring them new clients.

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