Special invitation for Vistage speakers

You are invited to attend my “Marketing With A Book Summit” in San Diego in April and November of 2012 and New York City in May and October of 2012.

My name is Henry DeVries and I endorse this message

If you call or e-mail me and mention you are a Vistage speaker, we will let you attend the summit for $395 ($100 off the early bird price). Normally rooms at the La Jolla hotel are $200, but we can get you a reservation for $149.

My name is Henry DeVries and I run a company called the New Client Marketing Institute.  I work with Vistage speakers who want to position themselves as an expert, grow their business and explore the possibilities of what could happen if they used a ghostwriter to write their next book. Why do I like Vistage speakers? So far I have helped Vistage speakers like Barry Deutsch, Brad Remillard, Janet Boydell, Dan Kravitz, Dana Borowka, John Zaepfel, William Hawfield, Bruce Heller, Marc Emmer, Bob Gruber and Boaz Rauchwerger. They are great people. Who knows, you might be next.

Maybe you can’t spend a weekend in exciting New York City or at a beachfront resort in San Diego. Crazy things do occur. If you want to meet on the telephone to explore the possibilities of what could happen if you were the author of a book, I offer a risk-free, three-hour $750 Business Book Blueprint session (100% satisfaction guaranteed).

If I can be of service or answer any questions about publishing, it would be a pleasure. Call me at 800-514-4467 or e-mail me at henry@newclientmarketing.com.

About Henry DeVries

Best-selling author and “marketing with a book” expert Henry DeVries is an authority on typing and talking: how to maximize revenues by writing books and making speeches. He speaks to thousands of business leaders, professionals, and consultants each year, teaching them successful tactics that shine a spotlight on their company, cause, or career. Along with his best-selling books — Self-Marketing Secrets, Client Seduction, Pain Killer Marketing, and How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett — the buzz-building tools of Henry DeVries have been used to dramatically increase revenues and leverage marketing budgets for two decades. He speaks to thousands of professionals and consultants each year, teaching them scientifically proven tactics that bring them new clients.

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