Marketing Action Plan

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If you have a business book, then you should have an online publicity campaign to build buzz.

More Clients Now Online Publicity Campaign for Business Book Authors

For $5000 we will automatically do the following online publicity campaign based on your book content:

  • Create search engine optimized SMART blogsite to promote your non-fiction book and public speaking
  • Create a newsroom for journalists as part of the blogsite
  • Link all blogposts to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Collect opt-in e-mails from blogsite visitors
  • Help you build an e-mail database for use by your e-mail service provider
  • Research key word phrases for search engine optimization of blogs and news releases
  • Create 25 search engine optimized blog posts over six months
  • Create 25 Twitter posts about book blogs over six months
  • Create 25 Facebook posts about book blogs over six months
  • Create 25 LinkedIn status updates about book blogs over six months
  • Write and distribute three national search engine optimized news releases over PR Newswire Tier 1 (10,000 outlets)
  • Create and distribute five ezines to your e-mail database
  • Create a national media list of potential publicity opportunities and book reviewers
  • Create and distribute two search engine optimized online articles with your byline

(Plus $40 per month for hosting , technical maintenance of blogsite platform and disaster recovery backup; plus $15-30 per month for e-mail service provider)

To learn more about a Marketing Action Plan, please contact henry at or call 800-514-4467

Marketing Action Plan

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