How to get publicity that gets clients

You don't need psychic powers to predict news cycles. But a little creativity helps.

You must continually get the name of the firm out to the media. Research shows that publicity is the number one reason prospective clients will visit your Web site, so each piece of publicity should be designed to promote the Web site address.

You do not need psychic powers to predict the news. Certain stories appear with regularity. Sex, money and health are the three topics that are always in style. If you can provide new information on these subjects, the media will always welcome your input.

Other topics come in and out of style. Just like there are fashions in clothes and cars, there are fashions in news. To be a quoted authority, think not only news topic but also what is in style for this news season. Here is a month-by-month list of news topics. Newspapers, magazines, television, and radio are looking for fresh spins on these ageless news pegs.

  • January               Fitness, prediction, Super Bowl
  • February              Romance
  • March                   Spring training
  • April                      Baseball
  • May                       Moms
  • June                     Weddings, graduations, dads
  • July                       Vacations, Fourth of July
  • August                 Hot weather
  • September          Back to school, football
  • October                World Series, Halloween
  • November           Elections, Thanksgiving
  • December           Holidays, year-end wrap-ups


Another predictable aspect of media coverage is the anniversary story. For example, major news events are re-examined after intervals of one, ten, twenty, twenty-five and thirty years. Not only does history repeat itself, so does the news.


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