How to find new clients by giving

A book I recommend all consultants and professionals devour

My buddy Bob Burg and his co-author John David Mann have a great book out called The Go-Giver.  Bob wrote the classic best-selling book titled Endless Referrals. Here are some of my ideas on how to be a go-giver so you will get new clients.

  1. Give referrals and you will get referrals. You will receive references and leads from people who have experienced your best work.
  2. Give references and you will get references. When they ask if they can return the favor, ask satisfied customers if they will write you a letter of reference to use in part on your Web site and to give to prospects as a reference.
  3. Volunteer. There is no better way to establish a relationship with someone than through doing work together. Get involved and get known for being a competent, pleasant, and intelligent worker.
  4. If you get a foot in the door and prove yourself, offer one or two hours of your services for free.
  5. Offer a “pilot project” which will enable your customer to determine how well you work and how much he needs what you have to offer.
  6. Help smaller clients share expenses by suggesting a consortium to use your services. This is an especially good technique if you are offering information and/or training services for non-proprietary information.
  7. Network with others and become part of their “virtual” organizations. Include them in yours as well. Remember, you have to give to get.

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