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Being good at what you do is not good enough. Gaining visibility and recognition is the way to gain prospects and promotions. Today it is essential to have an image and reputation that attracts referrals, recommendations and results.

 Find Your Media Hook

 While the list is endless, here are some actual examples of distinctive messages:

  • A construction company that offers doctors and dentists superior quality tenant improvements and better service than the competition.
  • A management consulting firm that helps companies accelerate business performance by improving the execution of strategic initiatives.
  • A national law firm that exclusively represents management in labor and employment matters.
  • A CPA firm that specializes in audits and reviewed financial statements for closely held companies.
  • A physician who offers patients traditional and alternative medical treatments.
  • A sales training firm that rejects traditional methods in favor of a trust-building common sense selling approach.


What makes media placement effective is when it tells a story that educates the public on a particular topic that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.  Combine that with your message and you’ll no longer simply watch the news, you’ll be the news.

Is there such a thing as free publicity?  The old adage says: “The sun comes up, and the sun goes down, and nothing else is free.”  There is a price to be paid for media coverage — you need to work on being newsworthy.

To be newsworthy, you must identify with the needs, wants, concerns and interests of your potential clients. Many professionals, entrepreneurs and IT consultants know that publicity is a cost-effective marketing method, but many miss the opportunity to garner “free” media attention because they don’t know how to generate news coverage – or how easy it is to do.

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