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Cathy and Gary Hawk, two of the nicest people on earth.


Is your career suffering from clarity amnesia?

“Most people have clarity amnesia at some point in their life,” said Cathy Hawk, co-author along with her husband, Gary Hawk, of the newly revised and updated book “Get Clarity.”

The Hawks are principals in Clarity International, a coaching and leadership firm based in Colorado. Together they help individuals and leaders explore, clarify and even remember their visions. I was proud to play a small part in their book creation process. Both have been wonderful coaches for me.

“Clarity amnesia seems to be part of the human condition,” Cathy Hawk said. “Sometime during your life you may have lost the awareness of your purpose and your passions. You lost sight of what gives you joy and energy every day. Yet somehow you have never lost a deep, innate knowing that it’s critically important to wake up and know why you are here.”

She knows from personal experience. After retiring from 28 years in periodontal dentistry, she recognized her need for a new life vision — a vision that embodied energy, a new vitality, renewed passion and deep purpose. As she began to ask what was next in her life that would inspire her, she took an 18-month sabbatical to study and incorporate all the information available on passion.

This intense personal learning journey led to studies in many diverse areas relating to energy, vitality, and the connection of mind, body and spirit to one’s work and health. Through integrating this study with her history of working with applied kinesiology and developing individualized health balance plans, she innovated a method to help guide people to clarity about their work, life, love and play.

Her husband was on a similar path. Since 1994, Gary Hawk has facilitated peer groups for CEOs and business owners, helping them get clarity for their companies and lives. He tries to provide in his peer groups a safe harbor for business owners to discuss the sensitive issues and challenges of leading and running a business.

“Our culture seems to endorse struggle and effort as the most effective means to achieve success,” Gary Hawk said. This is a culture, he said, that continually reinforces messages like “life is hard” and “do it even if it kills you.”

“But that is not the true path to success. Diligence is one thing, but excessive stress and pressure lead only to exhaustion,” he added.

The Hawks propose an alternative — a “loving what you do and doing what you love” lifestyle. The journey begins with an inspired vision of what you want your life to look like, and then draws on what energizes you to achieve it.

“Passion and enthusiasm will help you create a vision,” Cathy Hawk said. “Having a clear vision to hold on to will keep you from getting knocked out of the game by others’ well-intended opinions and advice, or your own doubts and fears.”

Since 1994, Cathy Hawk, along with “clarity” coaches she has trained, has inspired thousands of people from all walks of life to find and answer their callings. Drawing upon entrepreneurial expertise gathered from almost 30 years of visioning and team building in her professional practice, she has also coached visionary entrepreneurs and business owners to create enlightened business practices.

What’s the cure for clarity amnesia?

“Simply put, you have to continually ask the question, ‘What lights me up?’ to get the accurate answers about your passion,” Cathy Hawk said. “From our experience, it’s an exciting and lifelong learning and remembering process.”

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