Author House vs. CreateSpace

I have published books through Author House and CreateSpace. I prefer CreateSpace.

Late in 2010 CreateSpace, part of the, Inc., set out to create an improved self-publishing experience that helps authors set up, distribute and manage their titles more easily. These enhancements are a direct reflection of author feedback and innovative thinking about how to improve the overall member experience. CreateSpace makes it easy to publish on Kindle, also owned by Amazon.

The new experience includes features such as a streamlined Expert Setup option, enhanced Cover Creator tools for both books and discs, and the ability for authors to set their own custom trim sizes. Additionally, with the help of Bowker LLC, CreateSpace authors are now able to purchase their own ISBN directly through

“We are constantly looking for ways to help our members more easily publish and distribute their work. We’ve listened to a lot of great member feedback about their experience with the CreateSpace platform and how to make it even easier,” said David Symonds, managing director, CreateSpace. “We are very excited to roll out these new platform enhancements to help streamline our members’ self-publishing process.”

Select highlights from the improved title experience include:

  • ISBN Purchase on CreateSpace: Due to an exclusive relationship with Bowker LLC, CreateSpace authors can now purchase their own ISBNs directly on the CreateSpace website without leaving the title setup process.
  • Project Homepage: This new page tracks member progress, so members can easily see what they’ve done, what’s next, manage any services that they have purchased, and be alerted to any issues throughout the process.
  • Image Gallery for Cover Creator: Members using Cover Creator to design their book’s cover can now access an extensive free image gallery where they can choose from a wide variety of ready-to-use professional photographs.
  • Professional Services: Authors can buy and manage book editing, design and marketing services as they set up their title, allowing them to get help where and when they need it.
  • Expert Setup Option: This streamlined single-page experience, now available in beta, is a great time-saver for members who are already familiar with the CreateSpace publishing process.
  • Custom Trim Sizes: Members are now able to choose a customized trim size for their book, offering more flexibility in the production process.
  • Cover Creator for Discs: This free cover artwork creation tool has been expanded to allow filmmakers and musicians to build professional cover and disc face artwork for their DVDs and CDs

“As the Official ISBN Agency for the United States, Bowker is exclusively responsible for the assignment of the ISBN prefix in the U.S.,” said Beat Barblan, director of Identifier Service at Bowker. “In collaboration with CreateSpace, Bowker is excited to make it even easier for content creators to introduce their work to readers.”

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