Client Testimonials


“For most consultants completing a book is on the top of their ‘Goals and Things To-Do’ List, (how many years has it been on yours?) and Henry can help you get it done in record time.” – Dean Minuto, Vistage speaker and author of The One Page Sales Coach


“I do not know where else I could have learned so much in such a short time.” – Alok Kalia, MD, Bluebonnet Health, Vistage speaker and author of Don’t Take Dieting Advice from a Skinny Person


“Henry helped us publish our book, showed us marketing techniques and how to leverage a book. Our clients constantly mention how this one item has differentiated us from our competition.” – Brad Remillard, Impact Hiring Solutions, Vistage speaker and co-author of You’re Not the Person I Hired


“Your ideas in the past year on how to promote our services through educational forums like Webinars have been real winners. These events have boosted sales and helped position us as the thought leaders in our industry. The response rate for these online seminars has ranged from 2.1% to 7.5% and our return on investment to date has been more than 2000%. Your ideas on combining proprietary research on customer relationship management with how-to advice from our senior executives has garnered coverage that really boosts our credibility with potential clients.”
—Natacha Hosy, Harte-Hanks


“As a high performance coach for CEOs, I know high performance when I see it. Thanks to the help of Henry DeVries and the team at the New Client Marketing Institute I was able to add more than $100,000 in additional income in two years.”
—Boaz Rauchwerger, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author


“You totally changed our focus. You got us to concentrate on the most effective ways to increase our business.

  1. Define our target audience. Not just women. Which women?
  2. Create an exciting and informative, retail oriented Web site that would appeal to that audience.
  3. Become an expert in something that is important to them
  4. Promote the hell out of it

“Your effective prodding and informed input has helped us to move the process further, faster and more effectively than we could ever have hoped for. We now know our market. We can effectively sell to them and we are beginning to take important steps in our plan to build the Denise Solay brand. All because of your participation as a vital member of our team. I do like to think it was also our fantastic ability to recognize the potential of associating ourselves with a ‘guru’ (OK, not a guru, an astute individual) who was not a ‘fashionista’ as so many of the other people we interviewed were. Your viewpoint was fresh. Your offer was intriguing. And, even ignoring all the laudatory comments past and present clients said about you, you have far exceeded our expectations.”
—Richard Solay, The World on A String, Inc.


“This book has so much of your soul in it. There is no way we could have done this without you. We hope you are as proud of it as we are.” – Barry
“You are my guru! I truly enjoyed working with you and appreciate your guidance and outstanding knowledge. Thank you so much for helping us with this amazing accomplishment” – Janet
“Without your help, cajoling, drive, dedication and commitment this would not have become a reality. You made this book possible and happen.” – Brad
—Barry Deutsch, Janet Boydell and Brad Remillard, Impact Hiring Solutions, co-authors of You’re Not The Person I Hired


“Henry DeVries and Denise Bryson at New Client Marketing Institute took our experience and ideas and helped us to turn them into the book you’re reading today. We deeply appreciate their guidance and assistance.”
—Miles Richmond, Tuesday Productions, co-author of the book Sold in Sixty Seconds™


“My business has benefited greatly from my association with the New Client Marketing Institute and Henry DeVries. If you follow the guidance and proven action steps he recommends and take a systematic approach to employing the tools and systems he advances, your business will grow. You will attract more of the right kinds of clients, be well positioned to charge appropriately for your services, and get to “yes” faster with your new business conversations. I started my mentoring agreement with Henry in April of this year. My revenues for 2005 will be at least double to what they were in 2004. Moreover, I have already more than paid my NCMI tuition to Henry DeVries within the first six months of our engagement. Henry’s program isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to be disciplined and do what he recommends in a systematic way. And you have to add your own brand of magic to the equation. But the lessons you learn will deliver the results he promises if my own experience is any indication.”
—Nancy Juetten, Nancy Juetten Marketing


“Your new-client-generating process has created a real advantage for us in the marketplace. With your coaching and program we’ve developed a very successful lead generation program that has produced more than 100 seminar attendees to date, along with a good increase in qualified prospects and conversions rates. Overall we estimate that our closed deals have increased by about 25%, and the quality of our leads has dramatically improved. Of course we’ve also closed several good deals as a direct result of the seminar program, not to mention the increased deal flow we are getting from the other outbound marketing efforts you have coached us on.”
—C. David Brown, Solutions Consulting Group


“When I first met Henry DeVries, most of my new business was generated through word of mouth—and that was difficult to predict. Henry DeVries helped me launch a business column with one of the largest, most respected publications in Southern CA. Within one year, I was published in five business magazines. I also had free ‘backstage access’ to leading CEOs and best selling authors. These credentials helped me produce an additional revenue stream (a multimedia program) that increased my revenues by 12% in 2004. Within that same year, I also secured speaking opportunities with my ideal audience that helped increase my principal stream of income of consulting. I know this would not have been possible without the NCMI’s guidance on the Educating Expert Model.”
—Lisa Nirell, President,


“In less than six months, Henry DeVries and his team conducted a proprietary research study of local bankers, attorneys, CPA’s and other business leaders on what works in getting new client leads. That initial survey of 45 responses led to mini-seminars with three local banks. In addition, a local business newspaper with circulation throughout the county agreed to publish my own column on a monthly basis directed specifically at one of our most desirable target markets. We accomplished more in six months with Henry than in the past three years on our own.”
—David R. Hickey, Corradino, Hickey & Hansen

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