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Do you want to attract high-paying clients with books and speeches?

These one-day summits feature Indie Books International Chairman Mark LeBlanc and CEO Henry DeVries sharing their unique expertise on how people can accelerate their growth by writing a book and speaking for fee and for free to build their book or business.

This event is mainly designed for consultants and coaches. Your hosts, Henry DeVries and Mark LeBlanc, are two best-selling authors who educate people that the book is the starting line, not the finish line. They want to help you understand the secrets in the preparation, publication, and promotion of a book that grows your business, puts more money in your pocket, and helps you make the difference that you were meant to make.

There is no cost to attend this private event. There will be no selling of services. No cost. No selling. No kidding. 

To learn more and see the upcoming summit dates please visit our events page.


The Book

In Marketing With a Book you will learn the savvy marketing strategies to position a consultant or coach above the competition. These strategies apply equally well to experienced veteran to the start up independent.

Marketing With a Book reveals the success secrets of top independent consultants and coaches. This book shows you:

  • How to develop a targeted book and speech strategy
  • Eight great meta story formats of best-selling business books
  • How to correctly position the book for success
  • The top fourteen ways to generate leads for consultants
  • How to create a book blueprint to prepare, publish, and promote a book
  • The best ways to shine a spotlight on the book and promote your practice
  • The biggest book, speech and website blunder consultants and coaches make

…and many other tips and tactics


Marketing With a Book is quick and enjoyable reading.  Every chapter is packed with ideas, numbered steps, and short, punchy anecdotes that immediately demonstrate each point. Action strategies are clearly outlined and provide a road map for success.

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